Business Plan

Business Plan

Indias first Real Estate Collaboration Business Concept.

Types of Income

1. Direct Income
Get 1.2% direct commission on Product Business Volume.

2. Group Income
Get 1% commission of group business volume ( left leg & right leg down)
Binary 1:1 ratio unlimited depth.
Caping-10 Lac, per month.

General Terms and Conditions

  • Any person can  become anAssettAssociate and join this business by registering himself free of cost.
  • After getting the registrationanassociatecan sponsor and join his further Associate in his  downleg to build his group .
  • To activate himself the Associate has to login one business transaction,as helogin one sale his ID will automatically become an active andAssociate will enjoy the all benefits of business plan and eligible for his direct income and downleg business incentives.
  • After login one business transaction Associate is eligible for all incentives  for the period of 12 sale login is consider for one year.
  • As an active Associate is need to give one direct sale in six month.
  • An inactiveAssociate is not eligible for any incentive.
  • Incentives will be release as per product commission volume set in product list.
  • Incentives will be release after getting the 50% down payment of product or as per builder payment plan in the particular builder account.